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April 13, 2009



Katie - I think that you and I could go head to head in an eating competition. :) It appears that we both love food with a passion. I wish we could sit down at Scalini's together and just eat until we break our chairs, ha ha!

And thanks for your sweet comments today on my blog. You are too kind! And yes, AF is wearing a little cross necklace that her grandparents got her in December for her baptism. She wears it on special occasions. :)

By the way -- every day when I check your blog I just hope and pray that you will have posted that you're in labor and on your way to the hospital. I just can't wait for that post!


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh YUMMY!! I'll have to try those!!

Groomer Angie

Oh my goodness that looks AWESOME!! I've saved them both to my recipe file! Thanks for posting those and 'get thyself into labor and to the hospital!" :)



OH those both look so good!! Thanks for sharing the recipes!!


Me drooling on my computer is just not a pretty picture!


These two dishes look absolutely delish!

Harper Jane's shoes are Stride Rite and they were MM's (thank goodness for hand-me-downs). I found them on eBay for a decent 2nd hand price! Oh and their dresses are Strasburg but I paid half of half. We live 10 minutes away from a Strasburg outlet and I bought these sweet dresses back in October for less than $25 a piece....a steal in my opinion especially b/c they have a matching slip!

Please put me on the email list for after the baby comes. I am dying to know!!!

The suspense is killing me....

my hungry boys

Thank you! I needed to laugh crack me up! You and that cornbread salad are "real good friends"! LOL!!!!!

I am SO making those bars.

I check your blog everyday to see if "sugar bean" is here yet...actually, I check it everyday no matter what 'cause I just love your blog! :-)

Have a great day!

Jennifer Kirby

Oh Thanks for the awesome recipe! I am son going to have to make those. My mouth is just watering looking at the pic!
Thanks for sharing it!



You are NOT going to believe this, but my other friend Katie just told me to make almost the exact same bar two days ago. I'm going ga-ga over it!! She's allegedly bringing some to a tea party (we're going to a tea shop with our daughters, yay!) on Sat. I'll have to report back and let you know if they're as good as yours are sounding. I think I just gained 20 lbs from reading this post, LOL! YUM!

Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

I posted my Neiman Marcus cookies awhile back. I will definitely have to do these for my Tasty Tuesday. So glad that you jogged my memory....YUM!!!

Mrs. U

This looks GREAT! Did you make 2 pans of cornbread (as in 2 cake round pans)??? I need to make this soon!!

Mrs. U


I can't find butter pecan cake mix near my home in Southern California. Can anyone tell me who makes it?

Tamarah Mesch

Do You have a good cake recipie? I run a small cupcake buisness out of my home and cant find that special knock out cake. Can you help me in anyway?


Please tell me what kind of cake mix this is? I want to make this soon. Thanks
1 box butter pecan dry cake mix

laura Lumpkins

Mmmmmmmmmmm.this is gonna be something i will attempt at our next family gathering which will be real soon!

Debbie Cain

These were absolutely delicious! Very rich but sooooooo good! I baked them this afternoon to have after supper so I put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. They were setup and slightly warm when I cut them. My husband, 3 boys and I loved them! Will definitely be making these again! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! :)

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