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February 10, 2008


Jonathan Caldwell

I love this song and I really needed to see the words to it again. This is the first place I was able to find it. Thank you for posting it. God Bless.

K. W

does anyone know if there is an mp3 online of this song? It is one of my very favorite hymns and I would love to find it. Thank You.


My great grandmother was the first person to play thus hymn. Of course it is a family favorite for us.


We would love to get the music for There's an Old, Old Path...we've been able to find the lyrics online, but no music. Do you know where we could find it?


I just want to thank you for posting this....I've been looking for these lyrics for a long time as my grandma used to sing this song to me. It warmed my heart! God Bless

Louise Roderman

The Old Old Path hymn is in all the RLDS hymnals. I think it is everyone's favorite in the RLDS church.

Bonnita C. Papetti

That song is my favorite too. It is in all of the Community of Christ's hymnals. In any event I have the hymnal and the music.


My mother heard this hymn during one of her visites to my church, RLDS, back in the day. She loved it and said then she'd like it sung at her funeral. We're having a memorial service for her on May 18th and will be playing the song - as we probably could not get through it without tears. The tender words truly touch the heart.

Michael D. Weathers

As a soloist, I have found this hymn requested many times - especially for funeral and memorial services. In fact, I am singing this hymn for a memorial service for this Saturday afternoon.

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